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2021 Summer Sizzlers – Murder It Was: The Deaths of Two Women That Shocked Dallas in the 1910s

August 17, 2021 6:00 pm


This is the story of two murders that infatuated Dallas in the middle of the 1910s. In 1913, Florence Brown was murdered at 9 a.m. inside a real estate office when nearby sidewalks were filled with people during the morning rush hour. Was it a robbery, shady business deals or jilted love? A second woman was found in a ravine in Trinity Heights, her body neatly laid out with no visible signs of trauma and only her jewelry missing. The police were baffled: was her death by natural cases, suicide, or murder? She was last seen by her sister ten days earlier who said she excused herself to meet somebody at 2:30. A train conductor recalled a woman matching her descripting getting off near the location of her death. Why was she there and who did she meet? Rene Schmidt will delve deeper into both crimes and what was discovered at that time and since.


This lecture will be presented virtually. The link will be emailed on the morning of the session.



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