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InTown Outing – Old Red Museum of Dallas History and Culture

September 18, 2021

100 South Houston Street, Dallas

Join us IN PERSON at Dallas’ most prominent 19th century downtown landmark on Saturday, September 18. How long has it been since you explored the courthouse building and seen its grand staircase, its vault, its Sumners Courtroom or the terra cottta wyverns?

Dedicated to inspire and educate visitors about the rich and varied cultural, economic, political and social history of the county, the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture serves as a symbol of Dallas heritage. The Museum offers new historical discoveries in abundance – not only in the galleries, but also within the building itself. Original construction of the Old Red Courthouse took place in 1892, undergoing many transformations throughout the years, which ultimately led to the beautiful restoration of today.

The Courthouse building is closed to the public and will soon be undergoing remodeling to accommodate the forthcoming Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals spaces. We will be touring the building and hearing about its transformation back into an active courthouse, and you do not want to miss it!

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