Watch the 2021 Preservation Achievement Awards

Watch the 2021 Preservation Achievement Awards below. Learn more about this year’s recipients here.



No video from the player?
– Try watching the video at a lower resolution. You are able to change the resolution of the player by going to the gear icon at the bottom right of the player, start with the lowest resolution and work your way up until the player is smooth. The recommended browsers are up-to-date versions of Firefox or Chrome. Make sure to press play on the player as well.

No audio from the player?
– The player might be muted, if you are still not hearing audio from the event you may try refreshing your browser window then hovering over the video player you should see an unmute button at the bottom left corner of the video. Check your computer sound settings, specifically audio playback devices. If none of these are working for you then try another device.

I get audio from other tabs and applications but not the video player?
– Mac users specifically if you are unable to hear sound try watching the session in a private window. Ensure you are not muting that tab specifically. You can check this by right clicking the browser tab near the top of the page. Also try clearing your browsing data and cache.

I am experiencing slow responsiveness, sudden stops, and latency issues in the video player?
– Make sure your browser is up to date and close any non-essential windows. This ensures you have the bandwidth necessary for the video player. Check your internet connection by running a speed test to determine your download speed. To view a 720/HD stream, you will need an approximate download speed of at least 1.5 mbps. If you are still experiencing this issue then try a different browser.

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