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Lectures and Classes

Learn About Preservation

We offer several lectures and classes throughout the year. Summer Sizzlers, our popular series of educational lectures and workshops, offer insight into preservation topics, architecture and history. We also regularly hold seminars, like Historic House Specialists certifications, and more.


Summer Sizzlers

Summer Sizzlers is our annual popular series of educational lectures, offering insights into preservation topics, architecture and history! Typically held in various locations throughout Dallas and at the Wilson House, this year the series is virtual. Past lectures included an overview of the restoration of the Apollo Mission Control Center at NASA, the evolution of the Lakewood shopping center, a history of the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation program, and the history of drive-in theaters in Dallas.

This series is held in the summer, typically in the evenings. At the current time, all sessions are held virtually.


HHS & AHHS seminars

The Historic House Specialist seminar is our popular class that includes lectures from local experts on all things preservation! Topics include architectural history and styles found in Dallas, historic and conservation districts designations, sustainability, aspects of researching the history of a building and more. Participants receive a copy fo Virginia McAlester’s A Field Guide to American Houses and a complimentary one-year membership to Preservation Dallas.

The class is held at least twice a year and is two days in length. Everyone is welcome to attend the class, and realtors can receive 8 hours of continuing education credit.

Our Advanced Historic House Specialist seminar expands on the knowledge gained in the first seminar. Topics include materials and methods of construction in pre- and post-WWI housing in Dallas, the economics of historic preservation, the certificate of appropriate process, historic landscapes and more advanced techniques of researching an historic building.

The class is held at least twice a year and is one day in length. Everyone is welcome to attend the class, and realtors can receive 6 hours of continuing education credit.

At the current time, both classes are held virtually. Realtors can register through Metrotex to receive their continuing education credit while everyone else can register on our website. Classes will be posted throughout the year to our calendar.

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