Historic Cemeteries in Dallas

Historic Cemeteries in Dallas


The final resting place of many of Dallas’ founders and early residents are seeing the ravages of time and a lack of resources for proper maintenance and upkeep. Some of Dallas’ historic cemeteries date back to the 1800s, including McAdams in Oak Cliff, McCree in Lake Highlands, and Pioneer in downtown. Thanks to a grant from the B.B. Owen Trust, Preservation Dallas is currently working to restore and preserve McCree Cemetery. These cemeteries include examples of early stone grave makers with exquisite design and symbolism. Over the years, many have suffered vandalism, deterioration, storm damage, and improper upkeep of the markers. Historic cemeteries often have limited resources for care and maintenance with many markers lost in overgrowth or toppled to the ground. Historic cemeteries must be treated with the utmost respect and the resources found to properly maintain the resting places of the early citizens who helped make Dallas the city it is today.

UPDATE: The McCree Cemetery was designated a City of Dallas Landmark by the City Council in 2018 and the McAdams Cemetery was designated a City of Dallas Landmark in 2019.

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