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Williams House

Williams House

3805 McFarlin (University Park)

The Williams house was designed by architect David R. Williams in 1932 for University Park Mayor Elbert Williams. David R. Williams is considered the father of the Texas Regionalism style and the Williams house is considered the premiere example of the style. The home was Williams’ last residential project of its type and contains all his hallmarks including hand carved interior woodwork by Lynn Ford (O’Neil Ford’s brother), a mural painting by Jerry Bywaters and abundant lone star ornamentation.

The 6,000 square foot Williams House occupies 1.15 acres of University Park property. Having only two owners in its lifetime, the house’s exterior and interiors are remarkably intact with original details and layout. The Williams House appears almost exactly as it did when built. The particular plat of land it sits on is exceptionally valuable because it runs along the Turtle Creek shoreline, as well abutting the Dallas County Club golf course. This house is the most important example of the Texas Regionalism style and with it sitting on such a valuable piece of land and no protections in University Park for historic buildings it could be easily demolished for new construction.

UPDATE: The home is currently on the market for $9,950,000.

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