Wynnewood North

The Wynnewood North neighborhood is located in Oak Cliff north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center. It is bound by Vernon Avenue on the west, Zang Boulevard on the east, West Illinois Avenue on the south, and West Clarendon Drive on the north.

The 820 acres of the entire Wynnewood neighborhood originally belonged to farmer John M. Wright until 1913 when American Home Realty Company, led by prominent Dallas businessman Toddie Lee Wynne, Sr. and real estate investor/developer Benjamin Hick Majors, bought the land with plans for future development. Wynne, Sr. later passed the American Home Realty Company onto his nephew, Angus Gilchrist Wynne, Jr., who after graduating from Highland Park High School in 1931, received a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, worked in the Texas oil fields for two years, received an ensign’s commission to the U.S. Navy, and later created Six Flags Over Texas theme park. After completing his naval tour during World War II, Angus G. Wynne, Jr. returned to Dallas in 1945 with the task of developing the 820 acres of property in Oak Cliff.

Due to the sudden influx of returning G.I.’s and the subsequent need for new housing after World War II, builders all across the country experienced a shortage of supplies. The shortage of materials along with a period of bad weather in Dallas hindered Angus G. Wynne, Jr. from fully developing the Wynnewood Addition until 1946. With financial help from the Patman Bill, which provided $400,000,000 in federal subsidies to provide builders with materials, Wynne, Jr. completed the Wynnewood Addition, and established the neighborhood as the first, post-war “packaged suburb” in Dallas. Angus G. Wynne, Jr. envisioned the Wynnewood Addition as a modern development with efficient, well-designed, high quality houses located in a self-contained community complete with a nearby shopping center and convenient access to downtown. During the 1950’s Wynnewood North established itself as a separate neighborhood that catered more to Dallas’ upper middle class. Located directly north of the Wynnewood Village Shopping Center, Wynnewood North’s larger lots and mature oak trees attracted both the noted architect, Bud Oglesby, as well as the Hare & Hare landscape architect firm. Today, with its large shaded lots, cohesive houses, and proximity to I-35, Wynnewood North neighborhood preserves the atmosphere and convenience of an original, post-war American suburb.


Author: Michelle Stanard
Editor: Michael Hazel
Photographs by: Allen Fagan

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