Discover Dallas!

A Resource for Information About Historic Buildings and Neighborhoods

Discover Dallas! surveyed 28 Dallas neighborhoods, documenting properties built before 1965. The goal is to provide residents with information that will enable them to restore and rehabilitate houses appropriately for their neighborhood and to preserve each home’s distinctive characteristics.

Developers may use Discover Dallas! information to make informed decisions about purchases and restoration and to understand how their efforts will impact the neighborhood. Potential residents will be able to learn more about the cultural and architectural diversity of Dallas and choose the neighborhood that is right for them. With better information, homeowners and developers will be empowered to preserve the distinctive historical elements in the buildings and neighborhoods that define Dallas’ heritage.

Preservation Dallas identified some neighborhoods to be surveyed, but others were suggested by neighborhood residents. The size of the neighborhood and the density of historic resources determined the number of properties surveyed within each neighborhood. For each property surveyed, neighborhood volunteers filled out a property information form that included information about the style, date, and architectural details. Each house was photographed, and many records were supplemented with historic archival research about early owners and the history of the structure.

Discover Dallas! information about Dallas’ historic neighborhoods is available for download in PDF format below, as is information about several significant Dallas architects. Survey records and photographs of specific properties are available at Preservation Dallas or you can email us.


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