Historic Designations

Historic & Conservation Districts

Protecting and preserving the unique character of your neighborhood is important. If you live in Dallas, there are a number of national and local designations that you can pursue. These include:

National Register of Historic Places

Administered by the Texas Historical Commission and the National Park Service. National Register designation regulates rehabilitation of the site only if federal funds or tax incentives are used. Today there are 25 National Register districts in Dallas, including Dealey Plaza, Fair Park and all City of Dallas historic districts.

City of Dallas Landmark Designation

Administered by the City of Dallas through the Landmark Commission. All changes to exterior appearance to a landmark-designated property require a Certificate of Appropriateness from the City. There are currently over 80 structures designated as City of Dallas landmarks such as the Adolphus Hotel, the Magnolia Building and the Wales Apartments.

City of Dallas Historic or Landmark District

Administered by the City of Dallas through the Landmark Commission. Historic Districts are defined areas with a significant concentration of structures unified by their architectural style or related historical events. Historic Districts must also be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A Certificate of Appropriateness from the City is required for all changes to exterior appearance. There are currently 20 historic districts in Dallas including Lake Cliff, the Sears Complex and Swiss Avenue.

City of Dallas Conservation District

administered by the City of Dallas, Department of Sustainable Development and Construction. Conservation Districts are a zoning tool that allows neighborhoods to establish exterior design criteria and other standards to preserve the character of an area. An ordinance is established for each conservation district that details the regulations homeowners must follow in any renovations or new construction.

Preservation Dallas has more information available on each of the above designations. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide what is the most appropriate designation for your neighborhood to pursue and help you get the process started. Call 214.821.3290, email or visit Preservation Dallas at 2922 Swiss Avenue, Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City of Dallas Historic Preservation website provides additional information about:

  • Historic Districts and Structures
  • Landmark Review Process
  • Landmark Commission and Committees
  • Demolition Delay Overlay
  • Historic Tax Incentive Program

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