Paint Colors

Paint color on any home is never meant to last forever. In fact, it should be redone every 5-8 years depending on the location of the home and the type of paint used. In the case of historic homes when it comes to paint, we are generally referring to wood cladding or wooden exteriors of a building.

Common Questions

How restrictive are exterior paint codes in Dallas?

The only area with specific exterior paint codes is Winnetka Heights. Aside from this, just try and maintain the integrity of your home with the colors you choose for the exterior paint and trim.

Where can I find historic colors for my home?

Check out the Sherwin Williams Historic Collection.

How do I know what color palette is appropriate?

First look at the style of your home. Using online references or the resources provided at Preservation Dallas, you will be able to decipher what time period in which your home was built, which usually will steer you in the right direction. From there you can look at examples of existing homes of the same style in your neighborhood, use one of the above resources, or use the paint deck resources at the Wilson House.

Winnetka Heights Color Restrictions

Brick Surfaces

Brick surfaces not previously painted must not be painted unless the applicant establishes that:

  1. The painting is absolutely necessary to restore or preserve the brick; or
  2. The color and texture of replacement brick cannot be matched with that of the existing brick surface


Certain Colors Prohibited

Fluorescent and metallic colors are not permitted on the exterior of any structure in the district.

Dominant and Trim Colors

All structures must have a dominant color and no more than two trim colors. The colors of a structure must be complementary to each other and the overall character of the district.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts must be of a color that matches or complements the color scheme of the structure.

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