Preservation Annual Meeting is Sunday June 30!

Volunteer Committee Information

Preservation Issues

Advises the Board and Executive Committee on issues related to preservation, advocacy, architecture and its preservation in the community. Encourages the preservation and re–use of historic buildings. Facilitates the protection of threatened historic buildings, districts, and resources. Advocates for the protection and expansion of tax incentives for rehabilitation, designation of significant individual buildings and districts, and fosters the adaptive use of historic buildings in Dallas’ Central Business District and beyond. Supports the creation of historic and conservation districts.
This committee meets monthly at noon on the Friday prior to a scheduled Landmark Commission Meeting. In general, this is the last Friday of the month. The Preservation Issues chair is Jason Harper.


Identifies opportunities to educate people on the history and architecture of Dallas. Oversees education programs for realtors (HHS and AHHS) and other constituencies as needed. Assists staff with planning InTown Outings, special programs, lectures, book signings, etc. Develops tourism opportunities that showcase the city’s history and architecture. Coordinates efforts with other community organizations.

This committee meets monthly, with dates and times to be determined by the committee yearly. The Education Committee chair is Vanessa Baker.

Membership & Development

Sets goals and develops strategic plan for raising funds for general administration, as well as for specific projects and purposes. Identifies and helps recruit corporate members. Assists staff in planning fundraising events for Preservation Dallas including the Fall and Spring Architectural Tours and Preservation Achievement Awards. Organizes and oversees membership development drives and programs.

The committee meets weekly at 4pm on Tuesdays. The Membership & Development Committee chair is Charles Brower with assistance by Claudia Worme.

Public Affairs

Works to promote local preservation priorities by influencing policies or legislation that protects our city’s heritage. Responsible for overseeing Preservation Dallas’ legislative agenda on the city, county, and federal level with bodies such as the Dallas City Council, Landmark Commission, Park & Recreation Board, and the Arts, Culture & Libraries Committee. The Public Affairs Committee will work with the Executive Director and Board President to identify and direct the organization’s legislative priorities and to develop the organization’s key messages to the legislative audience.

The committee’s schedule is determined by the committee yearly. The Public Affairs Committee chair is Norm Alston.

Preservation Dallas Young Professionals (PDYP)

The goal is to provide a networking opportunity for young professionals under 40 to build support within a younger audience. Responsible for planning happy hours and tours throughout the year.

The committee’s schedule is determined by the committee yearly. The PDYP committee is led by Morgan Harrison.

Urban Armadillos

The goal is to create walking trails through historic Dallas to highlight its history. Responsible for planning happy hour events and gather researchers to further develop the Pegasus Urban Trial App.

The committee’s schedule is determined by the committee yearly. The Urban Armadillos committee is led by Grayson Hughes.

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